Andrew and Mommy

Andrew and Mommy

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More connections....

I was thrilled that A and B were able to deliver a package to my little guy in Addis. However, they were rushed at the orphanage, and they were only able to snap one quick picture of A-man, and he was sleeping! can't see much. It was less than I hoped for, but at least it was something!! At least I know that my little guy sleeps peacefully, with his mouth wide open, and that he has the cutest ears!:-)

I am working on making some more connections through the AAI Yahoo group with folks who will be traveling in October or November. People are so wonderful in offering to deliver packages and take pictures!! The adoption community seems to be full of incredible human beings!!

I have started acquiring furniture for A-man's room. My friend, Val, gave me a beautiful changing table, and last weekend, I bought a crib to match!! I just need to buy a rocker, and then I can decide how I'm going to paint and decorate the room!! I hope to get the room together by the end of October. This part will be fun!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

First care package!

A couple using my agency will travel on Tuesday, September 7 to pick up their daughter from the same orphanage where my little guy is. They agreed to deliver a care package to my guy as well as to take pictures!! Very exciting! I just love the connections within the adoption community! Anyway, I bought a couple of outfits, a blanket, and a small toy for A-man (guess that's what we'll call him here!). I packed it up and sent it to them yesterday. Here are a few pics of A-man's first gifts from his mommy!