Andrew and Mommy

Andrew and Mommy

Monday, October 25, 2010

First trip and court dates scheduled!!

I got an email last Monday from Sally at AAI....she said that we have court dates! The first one is November 1. I don't go for that one. At that meeting, the birth mother and the Ministry of Women's Affairs officially declare A-man to be an orphan, available for adoption. The second court date is set for November 18, assuming all goes well at the first court. This is the trip I make. The plan now is to leave Birmingham November 10, arrive November A November 12, travel and sightsee in Ethiopia the next several days, then return to Addis to see A again and then the court date on the 18th. I will board a plane that evening to head home. Only a few weeks away! I'm excited and a bit frantic...trying to figure out how much money to bring, what gifts to bring to donate to the orphanage and to thank the people there, best flight options, what clothes to bring, who will travel with me, etc. Not to mention--how do I take care of my bands at UAB while focussing all my energy on the adoption and travel!? So--lots on my mind! To add to that--Sally called on Wednesday last week and told me that they could move my hearing to November 1 if I wanted to travel this week!! That would likely move up A's homecoming date. THAT is exciting...but I just don't think it's practical for me to make this trip happen in a week. I haven't had any immunizations parents couldn't go if I went this's just too much. So...ultimately, I've decided to wait for the original dates. This way, I at least have a couple of weeks at home to get my act together. Either way--A will probably be home before New Year's if all goes well!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ethio-American Gathering!!

Friday night, I experienced my first get together with other Ethio-Adopt families here in Birmingham. The 3 boys that were there are all around the same age (2-3), and it was absolutely beautiful to watch them play with each other, to play independently, and to interact with all of the adults as well. The first picture here shows the 3 boys holding a picture of my little guy--so we were all there in spirit! Lots of smiles all around, some great conversations with everyone, and the opportunity to build lasting relationships for our unique families!! Love it!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another care package!!

There is another couple from my agency going on their first trip to Ethiopia on October 20th. They have graciously agreed to take a care package to A and to take pictures. I bought him 3 onesies and a cloth photo album! In the photo album, I put pictures of me, of grandma and grandpa, and of one of the doggies. I hope that some of the great folks visiting him will show him the pictures and talk to him about it and that the nannies will too!

There are 3 other AAI families that are currently in country and visiting A's orphanage. I sent them his referral photo, so hopefully, they will find him and take some updated pictures for me. I'm getting a bit anxious for an update. I called Sally at the agency, and she said I may expect something around the end of the month!! I'm looking forward to that.

Tomorrow night, I will get together with other families in Birmingham who have adopted Ethiopian children. I'm really excited to have the opportunity to interact with all of the parents and kids!! I hope to develop relationships with these folks who all share a unique bond so that A has a connection with other Ethiopian Americans.

Can't wait to share more about that!!