Andrew and Mommy

Andrew and Mommy

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My part of the dossier done!!

I drove to Montgomery today and got the State Seal from the Secretary of State of Alabama on all of my documents!! Then I went to Fed Ex and spread everything out on the floor so I could really see all the paperwork! BIG SIGH!! I sent everything to the Assistant Stork in Washington DC, and they will hand deliver my documents to the US State Department and to the Ethiopian Embassy. After that, they send everything to my agency. Once they approve, everything goes to Ethiopia! Here's to hoping it's a smooth process!! I'm relieved that this part is DONE!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

USCIS approval!!

I got my I171 approval form in the mail today! It really was such a fast process. I mailed the I600A on June fingerprinted on June 29, and received my approval on July 6 (the date my fingerprint appointment was actually set for, but I snuck in early!). I had been nervous about the possibility of this taking some time, but it took exactly 3 weeks! I immediately got the form copied and notarized (I'm sure my friend, Carla--the notary at the bank--was happy to see me again!), and I took all of my dossier documents to the Jefferson County Courthouse for county certification of the notaries. Seventeen documents to be certified. Tomorrow, I will drive to Montgomery in order to get the dossier state sealed, and then I'll FedEx everything to the Assistant Stork (a courier service that takes the dossier to the US Department of State and the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington, DC). From there, the dossier goes to my agency and then on to Ethiopia! Another step closer!!